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VOl.8, by @Paper Skies

Paper Skies is a producer and graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada known for his uplifting melodic style. 

Complexity and simplicity merge in an electronic setting to create tracks such as Celestial and Comet, which would reach over 100,000 streams in 2018. Known widely in the EDM community for his releases with Killabite Media, Rushdown and his own imprint, 04 Collective, he continues to build a name for himself while spreading positivity and engaging with as many fans as possible. 

He states, "Paper Skies is everything I want to be known for as a person. I do my best to make everyone who supports my music feel important to me, because they really are! If someone leaves a comment on my music, the least I can do is let them know how appreciative I am."

His attitude, passion for his craft and inspiring tunes have helped him grow speedily since he began in 2016 on Soundcloud, receiving support from artists such as Chime, Au5, Panda Eyes, Modestep, Volant and Franky Nuts. He claims his journey as Paper Skies has only begun, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Skies never the limit. 

VOl.7, by @cTE

Colin Tonge, also known as DJ CTE, is a 22-year older DJ from Kingston, ON. He is currently attending Princeton University and playing for their Division 1 hockey team. Colin has held a residency at Stages Nightclub for 4 years and performs while he’s home in Kingston during the summer and continues to perform at many different parties and events in New Jersey while he’s at school, most notably opening for Cheat Codes at Princeton’s Lawnparties. Colin has been playing instruments such as the piano, the guitar and the drums for most of his life which has made for a smooth transition to electronic music and DJ’ing. He is currently beginning to learn about the production industry and is looking forward to continuing to make new music. Most importantly, however, CTE is looking forward to getting CRANK’d all summer long.   

VOl.6, by @samuel_seligman

Decennium is an up and coming DJ known for his Nostalgic sound. He is currently working on his debut project scheduled for release in the summer of 2021.

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VOl.5, by @liamkeery

Liam Keery is a seasoned DJ/Producer that is steadily rising in the Toronto dance scene. Having played shows at Noir at Rebel, The Guvernment, Toybox, & Digital Dreams Music Festival, his unique musical production journey through multiple genres has lead him to a carefully crafted sound that sets him apart from the rest. Having already gained industry support for his recent releases, there is no doubt that his upcoming discography is set to impress. With the trajectory that he is on now, the future looks promising for this talented young Canadian.

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VOl.4, by @Otherwisefine

Otherwise Fine is a Canadian electronic music duo, known for their unique sound that combines the musicality and emotions of acoustic songwriting with the textures and energy of electronic production. Consisting of Spencer Baird and Jake Sinclair, the duo initially met through the Toronto Dj scene, where they shared a residency at the same night club.

In late 2018, Otherwise Fine self-released their debut 8 track EP, ‘IwantU’, combining several sounds and influences into something new and refreshing in the electronic scene. Building on the momentum of their debut EP, Otherwise Fine had a breakout year in 2019. With a busy release schedule - packing 8 originals, an official remix for Toronto’s HIGHS, and a remix EP for their hit ‘It’s Always been U’ – Otherwise fine attracted a surge of support from popular blogs, consistent placements on Spotify and Apple Music editorial playlists, an appearance at the top of the HypeM popular charts and a label release with Proximity; proving themselves as an act to follow.

With a respectable freshman year under their belt, Otherwise Fine are looking forward to another big year with plenty of releases. Follow @OtherwiseFine on instagram for updates on new music

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VOl.3, by @bipolur

A disorder within mainstream music; BIPOLUR brings you highs, lows, and bass galore.  Prescribed to get you out of your head, into your body and straight manic at the festival.

Justin Deeley and Connor Lamont doctor beats with surgical precision. Symptoms range from euphoria, sweating, and roller coasters of emotions. *Highly addictive, not suitable for children 4 and under.

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VOl.2, by @CAkelife

Comprised of Chris Pop and Leo Zhou, CakeLife is a DJ/producer duo that makes/mixes house music. Their music is heavily influenced by the culture at their university.

Chris and Leo started making music together towards the end of 2019. They have already had several sold out shows, as well as features on various blogs such as The duo plans on releasing a plethora of music throughout the year.


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VOl.1, by @Distantmatter 

The alias of multi-instrumental musician and producer Alex Seligman Swartz, Distant Matter makes electronic-pop music inspired by future bass and house. His sound is nostalgic yet futuristic, and he is currently working on his debut project releasing in the summer of 2020. Check out his social below. 

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